SOUTHEAST OF NOW: Directions in Contemporary and Modern Art in Asia is a scholarly journal on art and visual culture, published online and in print twice yearly by NUS Press, National University of Singapore. The journal aims to look and listen closely to the discursive spaces of art in, from, and around the region that is referred to as Southeast Asia, from a historical perspective. The journal presents a necessarily diverse range of perspectives not only on the contemporary and modern art of Southeast Asia, but indeed of the region itself: its borders, its identity, its efficacy, and its limitations as a geographical marker and a conceptual category. As such, the journal is defined by a commitment to the need for and importance of rigorous discussion, of the contemporary and modern art of the domain that lies south of China, east of India, and north of Australia. Inquiries may be submitted to southeastofnow [at]

The journal publishes a mix of peer-reviewed Articles and non-peer-reviewed material, including Roundtables, Responses, Translations, exhibition and book Reviews and archival documents worthy of circulation.

The journal is edited by a collective of scholars and practitioners (, supported by an eminent and active Advisory Board.

This journal is open access thanks to the support of the Chen Chong Swee Asian Arts Programme at Yale-NUS College and the Foundation for Arts Initiatives. Print subscriptions are available and individual numbers are available at selected bookshops in the region. We do not charge author processing fees of any kind.

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