New issue: Volume 4, Number 1

Teaching the History of Modern and Contemporary Art of Southeast Asia: A Roundtable. With contributions from: Yin Ker • Thanavi Chotpradit • Stanley J. O’Connor • Simon Soon • Sarena Abdullah • Roger Nelson • Patrick F. Campos • Nora A. Taylor • Muliyadi Mahamood • Lawrence Chua • John N. Miksic • John Clark • Jeffrey Say • Imran bin Tajudeen • Eksuda Singhalampong • Chaitanya Sambrani • Basilio Esteban S. Villaruz • Astri Wright

Articles and Responses by: Sarena Abdullah • Anna Koshcheeva • Elly Kent • Kaja M. McGowan • Philippa Lovatt

Now available for free via Open Access on Project Muse, thanks to the generous support of the Chen Chong Swee Asian Arts Programme at Yale-NUS College and the Foundation for Arts Initiatives.

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