New double issue: Volume 5, Number 1-2

Section 1: Colonial Spatial Orders. Special Issue Guest-edited by Jiat-Hwee Chang and Puay-Peng Ho. With contributions from: Jiat-Hwee Chang • Puay-Peng Ho • Robert Cowherd • Robin Hartanto Honggare • Will Davis • Hadi Osni • Pinai Sirikiatikul

Section 2: Unthemed Open Section from the Editorial Collective. With contributions from: Aiden Magro • Roger Nelson • Brian Curtin • Juthamas Tangsantikul • Carlos Quijon Jr. • Gary Carsley • Unchalee Anantawat • Zoe Butt • Green Papaya Art Projects • Qinyi Lim • Henry Tan • Suzann Victor • Anuthin Wongsunkakon • Nanthana Boonla-or and Woranooch Chuenrudeemol • Siddharta Perez • Hendri Yulius Wijaya • Piyaluk Benjadol and Kanoknuch Sillapawisawakul • Nontawat Numbenchapol • Pinaree Sanpitak • Phaptawan Suwannakudt • Moses Tan • Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook • Mia Bustam • Yvonne Low • Astrid Reza • Shim Soo-Min • Claire Ollivain • Sina Wittayawiroj • Hera • Pristine L. de Leon

Now available for free via Open Access on Project Muse, thanks to the generous support of the Chen Chong Swee Asian Arts Programme at Yale-NUS College and the Foundation for Arts Initiatives.

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